Brown & Brown in Philadelphia saves thousands of dollars in system integration and training costs while obtaining a hosted voice solution that expands with their needs

The Challenge

Brown & Brown (part of the 7th largest business insurance intermediary in the United States) is a full service employee benefits, wholesale brokerage and actuarial services firm located in Center City Philadelphia, PA. As the firm grew and relocated its headquarters offices within Center City, Brown & Brown began a quest for the most cost-effective communications solution they could find.

The Solution

As Brown & Brown acquired other companies, growing its operational base and total number of employees, it needed a solution that could make its expansion run as smoothly as possible, providing it with the best ROI while maintaining its staunch commitment to its customers through its innovative insurance consulting solutions and passion for service.

“We had a contract with another organization but with our company expanding, we needed immediate integration and training of all of our new employees. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on integration and training and devoting more than 100 man hours doing upgrades, Vantage was able to take all these burdens away.”

Linda McCloskey, Office Manager at Brown & Brown

By implementing Vantage MAXvoice Hosted Phone Service, Brown & Brown was able to obtain the reliability, flexibility and customized communications features they desired while getting fast implementation at an easy to manage small business price.

The Results

The switch to the Vantage MAXvoice solution was convenient and swift. Starting with the first 25 employees and as Brown & Brown grew more than 100% via acquisition, Vantage made sure that each new employee was on-board and up and running right away. Some of Brown & Brown’s most favorite Vantage MAXvoice Phone Service features include:

  • Simultaneous Ring. If a team member is not at his/her desk, the call can be routed to any number of cell phones or office locations so that another team member can immediately answer the call. This feature virtually eliminates phone tag and ensures the customer receives the fastest attention.
  • Conference Bridge. Brown & Brown has found this feature to be one of the most cost effective and easy to use as compared to their previous service provider who made it complicated to cancel or reschedule calls at an additional expense.
  • Detailed online billing/ticketing allows Brown & Brown to accurately track calls and assign expenses for ROI tracking. Multiple invoices are also merged into one for more efficient and easier billing.
“I can’t say enough about the time and money we saved by switching to Vantage. Their customer service and attention to our needs directly assisted us and our ability to provide great service and attention to our own customers.”

Linda McCloskey, Office Manager at Brown & Brown

With the choice of Vantage MAXvoice Hosted Phone Service, Brown & Brown Insurance in Philadelphia has been able to reach its goal of unifying its communications while building a solid reputation for providing fast, convenient and extraordinary service to its customers through its enhanced system of communications powered by Vantage. Because of this Vantage is now providing service to other Brown & Brown affiliates throughout the United States. For more information about Brown & Brown click here: