You know us well because you are already touched by our technology every day

Apple, Microsoft, IBM, AOL, and Intuit

In fact, some of the world’s leading technology companies like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, AOL and Intuit all use our communications software to make their desktop and smartphone products easier to use. Even leading educational institutions like ACT use Vantage to score college entrance exams and top University Medical Schools like Duke and Michigan rely on us to provide faculty and students with advanced targeted research tools like iSeek that go far beyond basic Google search capabilities.

Here are just some of our innovations:

  • Spell Check for Microsoft Outlook
  • Siri’s Text-to-Speech capability on the Apple iPhone
  • Text Word Completion on just about every Smartphone
  • Built-in-Search Tools for QuickBooks and TurboTax
  • Test Scoring for grad and undergrad school admission

The World is a better place due to the innovation, simplicity & familiarity of Vantage technology

Established 1991 and privately-held, we developed the first Software as a Service (SaaS) application and hold over 40 patents in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding communications software. We are also financially secured, debt-free and very profitable, in part due to on-going royalties from our installed base of over 500 million software licenses. As a pioneer in VoIP telephony, we also have the distinction of being one of the few communications providers who has developed and maintained our own soft switch and service platform, the MAXcore platform. Our suite of applications include: Vantage MAXvirtual contact center, Vantage CRM and iSeek Enterprise Data Analytics & Discovery. Yet, the real advantages of choosing Vantage Unified as your single platform provider are unparalleled simplicity in implementation, feature functionality, application integration, and scalability all at a lower cost allowing you to do more with less while providing your business with a total view into all of its customer touch points.

Our Mission:

To architect, build & deliver the most advanced solutions with MAXimum communications power™ that will help small to mid-sized business, education and non-profits obtain new customers, keep existing ones, deliver superior customer service as well as improve employee accessibility, collaboration, mobility & productivity. Our aim is to help customers gain a technology-edge with real value they can measure.

With over 97% Customer Satisfaction and recognition from Frost & Sullivan for our inordinate focus on enhancing value for our customers plus our track record in developing successful communications application solutions, it’s no wonder that the world’s leading corporations and institutions turn to us to solve their most perplexing technology problems. Just imagine then what Vantage Unified Communications can do for your business. How can we help you?