Introducing Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications Solutions

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has established itself today as a robust and reliable technology due to its achieving the requisite QoS (Quality of Service) that business demands.  It delivers both voice and data over the Internet rather than through the old analog wire networks of the phone and cable companies. Hosted refers to the fact that all the equipment necessary to route a business’s voice and data traffic is owned by the Service Provider, freeing a business from the expenses of heavy capital equipment, IT investments, upgrades or changes. Unified Communications on the other hand takes VoIP technology to the next level by pairing the ordinary business phone with the desktop personal computer transforming both tools into a virtual communications platform integrating real-time communications like voice, video conferencing, presence, data sharing and speech recognition with non-real-time communications such as the Unified Messaging integration of voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax all into one inbox. The definition of Unified Communications has also been expanded to include real-time Customer Call/Contact Center and non-real-time Customer Relationship Management even Business Intelligence applications. Since VoIP’s establishment as the next generation in telephony, there have been numerous studies and articles written documenting the multitude of benefits it brings to businesses of all sizes. However, when you sum up all of these benefits the bottom-line is that Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications:
A Hosted solution means that you will have no CapEx capital expense and it is usually 100% Tax Deductible as a Qualified OpEx operating expense.
Upgrades and changes even moving or adding phone extensions are as simple as the click of a mouse with little or no IT involvement required.
“Busy Signals” or phones not being answered are a thing of the past and advanced customer contact/call center and customer relationship management applications allow you to capture lead contact information and cultivate your customer base.
Capabilities like Unified Messaging, Mobile Device Integration, Find Me Follow Me or Auto Attendants level the playing field allowing Small Businesses to look just like the big guys and allow for Employee Collaboration, Communication and Access that was never before possible.
Depending upon the quality of your broadband connection and the redundancy built-in to the service provider’s core network, 99.999% reliability and Quality of Service is readily attainable.
We invite you now to explore all the Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications solutions and options available here on the Vantage Communications website. After completing your due diligence, we think you’ll agree that there is enough compelling evidence to say: “Good bye” to traditional phone and cable company telephone service and say “hello” to Vantage MAXvoice and Hosted Unified Communications solutions for your enterprise.”