Why is a Hosted VoIP Solution so critical to the success of my business today?

If your business has never used VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, then your landline telephony service is based on POTS or Plain Old Telephone Service, a copper-based wire technology dedicated to voice.  Originally built for Residential or Consumer use, POTS quickly expanded to Enterprise use, evolved over time with TDM or Time Division Multiplexing call-switching and is still being promoted and sold by the Phone and Cable companies today because they own legacy landline telephony networks.  But buyers beware.  Although reliable, legacy landline telephony service over time even with the latest enhancements has proven itself to be very expensive and cumbersome for businesses to continue to use because:

  • It requires significant capital and IT investments  in complicated premise-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) switch systems
  • It has limited point-to-point capacity that requires separate paths for  voice and data
  • It cannot be upgraded to offer advanced telephony features such as Auto Attendant
  •  It is not easily expandable to add, delete or move phone extensions as a business grows

Even more critical is that today businesses can no longer afford to lose sales opportunities because of customers getting “busy signals” or worse yet, phones not being answered at all.  Also businesses can no longer afford to ignore customers who want to communicate via the InternetWireless SmartphonesTablets and Social Media.  Nor can they afford to tie employees to a desk while work demands that they become more virtual and mobile.  In fact, the hard reality is that the Internet and Wireless technology have forever changed the way that society gets information and the pace with which we communicate and consume it. Small or medium-sized businesses can no longer afford to ignore this reality if they hope to survive and they can also no longer afford legacy telephony solutions that do not help them get and keep more customers. But fortunately with Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications Solutions there is a much better and cheaper way…