Why You Should Switch To MAXcustomerconnect

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  • It helps you do business in today’s mobile & social world
    Today’s customers live in a mobile world that is transforming the way they shop and do business. Businesses must adjust to this reality in order to survive. MAXcustomerconnect delivers a platform that lets you build & send marketing messages directly to your customers, even their mobile devices. FACT: 98% of all text messages are opened and read.
  • You’ll gain a technology edge by combining mobile marketing with great phone service at a cost that is much less than your current phone service
    MAXcustomerconnect’s advanced technology obsoletes current business phone or cable company service and saves you money, on average at least 33% over traditional phone or cable company rates.
  • It helps you provide superior customer service
    Create a record of every transaction and activity by customer. Imagine being able to reach your customers via text or email messaging to make or confirm appointments or to tell your customers about special sales or offers. With MAXcustomerconnect now you can!
  • It’s easy to install yourself
    The MAXcustomerconnect system is cordless meaning that no complicated wiring is required.** Signal strength varies depending upon a building’s structure but cordless handsets can be placed up to 300 feet from the corded base station. We also pre-configure the system before we send it out to you. All you need is an existing Internet connection, switch port and a PC.
  • It comes from a company that helps your business run better right now
    Can you imagine a world without Spell Check in Outlook or Word Complete on iPhone? Vantage developed those productivity tools for billions of Microsoft and Apple users, so who else is better equipped to develop such an integrated platform for Small Businesses?