MAXcustomerconnect $89.99 Monthly Service Includes:

  • Vantage’s MAXvoice with one DID Direct Inward Dialing Line  (includes 45 standard calling features with Unified Messaging)
  • Three Simultaneous Inbound Calling Capacity on One Main DID Line (Triples your ability to answer incoming customer calls live all at once without having calls go to call waiting or voice mail so that you never miss another sales opportunity)
  • Unlimited Domestic Inbound/Outbound Calling (competitive International Calling rates are available)
  • Auto-Attendant (serving as your virtual automated receptionist)
  • Main Business Voice Mail Box (including voice mail delivered to your email in-box)
  • Mobile Phone Integration (when your main business line rings your cellphone also rings)
  • Music-On-Hold (for a nice professional touch while your customers are placed on-hold including the ability to upload customized on-hold messages)
  • IP Fax Line (receives faxes as a PDF attachment but sends to analog fax machines)
  • Intercom Paging
  • 411 Information Directory Listing & E911 Capable
  • Vantage CRM Integrated Database (to capture contact information & create campaigns)

Optional features include:

  •  Toll Free & Vanity Numbers
  • Additional DID Lines for setting-up a separate service department number, etc…
  • Optional Constant Contact e-mail service after 30 Day FREE Trial Subscription