Vantage View Billing & Ticketing

The typical small to medium-sized business receives multiple invoices each month for communication services from various carrier providers – internet, local phone service, long distance service and phone maintenance. For businesses that have several offices, the number of invoices multiplies, creating accounting inefficiencies.

Vantage Communications is pleased to offer the View, a secure web portal that offers you the convenience of viewing and managing a single bill for all of your Vantage IP services – anytime, anywhere.

Comprehensive Billing

  • Single bill covers all services, including those for remote sites and telecommuters
  • View current account balance with detail on recent payments received
  • View any costs associated with work orders
  • rack past expenses and forecast monthly, quarterly, annual expenses

Full Visibility to Invoices & Reports

  • Receive details on both outbound and inbound calls
  • Request call detail reports down to individual user level for specific timeframes to evaluate employee productivity
  • Track outbound and inbound call volumes to any specific number
  • Monitor calls by extension, account code, project code, date range and call type
  • Submit all work orders to a single vendor for new users, adds, change, service and more
  • Manage work orders by setting ticket priority and check back anytime for the up to the minute status
To find out more about the Vantage Solution Provider Program, contact us at: 866-353-8357

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