Vantage Communications Updates Brand, Changes Name to Vantage Unified

Changes Reflect Uptick in Unified Communications Market, Strategic Positioning of Company’s Single MAXcoreplatform Service Offering

NEW HOPE, PA (June 13, 2014)

Vantage Communications, a pioneer in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony, has announced it will now be known as: Vantage Unified, effective immediately.The new name, as well as a brand refresh, coincides with the launch of the company’s new MAXcoreplatform, from which it seamlessly delivers a proprietary suite of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) offerings.

Market Demand, Company’s Unique Positioning Drive New Name

The U.S. market for hosted-voice and unified communications remains fragmented and competitive,” said Bob Phelan, President of Vantage Unified, upon making the announcement.  “Many national and regional VoIP providers cobble together multiple third-party applications, including the telephony software switch used as the base for their offerings, with little control over differentiated offerings to their customers.  Vantage Unified is one of the few service providers with the technology to develop, build, and maintain our own soft switch and service platform making us unique in the industry, and our new name calls attention to this,” said Phelan.  Pushing the unified communications market even further, Vantage Unified also includes Virtual Call Center and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications seamlessly integrated on its MAXcoreplatformto the benefit of its customers and to answer the growing demand for such applications in the marketplace.

According to Phelan, the company’s new MAXcoreplatform technology offers customers a simple, scalable path, unifying their needs as they grow. “This approach will be particularly appealing to small businesses, non-profits, and educational customers that need the technology edge we can provide, and even more importantly, at an affordable cost, and without the added IT development expense,” he concluded.

Updated Branding Reflects Company’s Mission Delivering Solutions With MAXimum Communications Power™

The new Vantage Unified “Power Eye” logo evolved from the company’s original logo combining the universally recognized Power-On symbol with the human eye. The human eye represents unified communications solutions designed from the vantage or viewpoint of the customer.  The Power-On element in our updated logo symbolizes MAXimum Communications Power™ delivered with those solutions that help customers gain a technology-edge with real value they can measure.

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About Vantage Unified: Communications Technology That Is Quietly Changing Business

We are a privately-held Unified Communications & Software Technology company based in suburban Philadelphia that serves customers both nationally and internationally.  Rather than deep spending on marketing, we prefer to maintain a lower profile, investing instead on the development of superior technology that you probably already use every day.  Worldwide, our software is on every Apple iPhone & iPad and is also used by Microsoft, Intuit, Oracle and IBM.  Our single-platform cloud delivery model puts powerful solutions within the reach of small to mid-sized business, education and non-profits that might not otherwise be able to afford or manage them on their own. The bottom-line is that we are on a mission to deliver solutions with MAXimum Communications Power™ that help obtain new customers, keep existing ones, deliver superior customer service as well as improve employee accessibility, collaboration, mobility & productivity.  Our aim is to help customers gain a technology-edge with real value they can measure.