• Impromptu

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  • Read-only is meant for files, not your website

    Viewing your website content is equivalent to window shopping. Upgrade your website from a static one-way message in to an interactive conversation. Impromptu Website Interactions gives you the ability to open the door and invite your website browser in to your store. Initiate a live, proactive engagement to deliver the exact information your website viewer is looking for…or needs to move the new relationship to the next level. Insert your sales and customer support team in to your website. From casual website browser to new customer, with just one click.

    Key Benefits

    • Turn your website from a passive information delivery medium to a two-way interactive sales & support tool
    • Eliminate the delay following information requests - end the wait for e-mails to be answered and skip the unanswered calls to voicemail
    • Instantly connect to anyone, anywhere
    • Get an immediate demonstration of your website viewer’s level of interest in your products & services
    • Live engagement outperforms casual website browsing
  • Click-to-Chat

    Encourage visitors to your website to engage in live interaction with your sales and/or customer support personnel.

    Impromptu allows you to provide specific insights and responses as you convert passive website viewers in to active participants in real-time communication.

  • Click-to-Talk

    Effectively engage casual website visitors by initiating a live conversation with your sales or customer service teams.

    With just a single click from your website, a phone connection is immediately established between your knowledgeable personnel and the device with which your visitor was browsing.

  • Click-to-Video Call

    An additional level of live interaction - video - takes what started out as a one-way search with no engagement to a live, personal, and direct interactive discussion.

    Great for converting website visitors in to customers, and customers in need of assistance in to delighted customers.

  • Virtual Auto Attendant

    Present a company directory with key, or all, employees on your website - but not just a list of telephone #s. With just a single click on the employee name, a phone call is initiated from the website visitor’s device to the specific employee.

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