• Impromptu

  • Spontaneous Live Personal Interaction Is Just Clicks Away

    Viewing your website content is equivalent to window shopping. Upgrade your website from a static one-way message to an interactive conversation. Impromptu gives you the ability to open the door and invite your site visitor into your business with secure chat, video and two-way screen sharing.

    Initiate a live, proactive engagement to deliver the exact information your visitor is looking for to move a new relationship to the next level. Insert your sales and customer support teams right on your website, converting casual website visitors to new customers, with just one click.


    Key Benefits

    • Turn your website from a passive information delivery medium to a two-way interactive sales & support tool
    • Eliminate the delay following information requests - end the wait for e-mails to be answered and skip the unanswered calls to voicemail
    • Instantly connect to anyone, anywhere in the world
    • Better understand your visitors’ level of interest in your products & services
    • Live engagement outperforms casual website browsing
  • Click-to-Chat

    Encourage visitors to your website to engage in live interaction with your sales and/or customer support personnel.

    Impromptu allows you to provide specific insights and responses as you convert passive website visitors into active participants with real-time communication.

  • Click-to-Talk

    Move from live chat to live audio.

    With just a single click, established a phone connection between your personnel and the device your visitor is browsing with.


  • Click-to-Video Call

    An additional level of live interaction - video - takes what started out as a one-way search with no engagement to a live, personal, and direct interactive discussion.

    Great for converting website visitors into customers, and delighting established customers in need of assistance.

  • Virtual Auto Attendant

    Present more than just a static company directory with telephone #s on your website. With virtual auto attendant, a single click by your website visitor can initiate a phone call to any listed employee or dept.

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