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  • Communicate More with the people who matter the most…your customers and prospective customers

    MAXcallcommand allows any-size business to deploy a robust hosted call center solution to improve customer care operations, enhance employee productivity and increase sales. Designed to support any size business, MAXcallcommand enables companies to maximize staff efficiency while improving overall customer experience. Its hosted browser-based access model requires no extensive capital investment in servers, software, maintenance, or specialized staff. MAXcallcommand is priced monthly per queue and agent, and typically costs 70% less than premised-based systems. It works seamlessly with Vantage’s MAXvoice communications service and it will improve these customer-facing areas of your business:

    • Customer Service
    • Technical Support
    • Inside Sales Teams
    • Billing Departments
    • Remote Support Agents
  • MAXcallcommand Key Features

    • User-friendly Agent and Supervisor browser-based interfaces
    • Real-time monitoring and control of individual agents and queues
    • Web-based supervisory and administrative access allows immediate reactive and pro-active adjustments
    • Intuitive agent and supervisor workspaces facilitate quick understanding and short ramp-up period for users
    • Supports remote agents, branch offices and telecommuters
    • Monitor on-site or remote agents via real-time display, barge-in and recording for training and supervisory functions
    • Multi-queue support - quickly move underutilized agents to the busiest queues
    • “Look back” call recording
    • Call recording programs allow supervisors to define which calls get recorded; by agent, queue or caller
    • Abandoned calls are tracked by caller number for follow-up
    • Real-time and historical reports of agent performance and queue activities guide call center management decisions
    • Voicemails are delivered as queue calls to available agents
    • Costs are monthly, expanding or contracting to meet your actual “current” need
    • Built-in mobility functionality allows agents and supervisors to participate “from the road”
    • Built-in business continuance allows call center operations in the event of bad weather or other issues
    • Optional seamless integration with Vantage CRM and iseek.ai available
  • Dynamically route calls to who is best suited - no matter where they work

    MAXcallcommand enables local and remote staff, including telecommuters, to act in concert as a single call center unit, dynamically moving calls to available personnel regardless of location. Administratively, users can implement multiple queues and skills-based routing to route callers quickly and efficiently based on specific customer need without having to pass customers from employee to employee or leave them on hold for extended periods.

  • Empower supervisors to maximize operations to meet ‘current’ customer demand

    MAXcallcommand’s web-accessible Supervisor Workspace displays real-time call activity and agent status, allowing call center management to implement changes on-the-fly so that your agents are optimally deployed to minimize customer hold time. Efficiently move agents in to high activity (or high value) queues and out of slow queues, prioritizing calls based on business goals.


  •  Real-time and historical queue and agent reports to drive business success

    Deliver the data needed to make informed decisions on how to best serve your callers, improve business operations, staff scheduling, and to design group and individual training programs all continually evolving to meet changing customer demand. Web-accessible supervisory and administrative functions allow real-time viewing of call activity and call center management from anywhere.

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