• MAXOffice

  •  The complete office communications bundle that enables you to Communicate More!

    MAXoffice is your complete office communications bundle, which includes the telephony and web-based tools your staff needs to deliver a high-level of customer support and sales success. Designed, delivered, and supported by our dedicated customer care staff - your Communications Concierge - actively engaged in supporting your business’ communications success. All at a price up to 40% below your current costs.

    The MAXoffice bundle includes all the communications services you need to run your office and empower your staff to Communicate More:

    • 1 main business phone number
    • Auto attendant
    • 1 DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number for every user
    • 2 call paths for every user
    • Voice Mail for every user
    • Unlimited domestic calling
    • Mobility Package
    • Full telephony feature & function suite
    • 1 IP Fax
    • Access to Vantage’s Communications Concierge team for immediate, live customer support
  • Mobility Package

    Our Mobility Package comes with soft phone support for laptops and mobile devices, a Vantage web phone which converts any supported internet ready device into your business telephone, custom design of telephony functions to meet individualized call routing needs, as well as chat, video, and collaboration services from any internet-ready device.

  • Multi-Site

    MAXoffice enables you to ‘connect’ every user, regardless of location, on a single communications system; a single receptionist can answer calls to multiple (remote) offices, determine the status of remote users and quickly transfer calls from site to site. Any user can reach remote co-workers or telecommuters via 4-digit extension dialing.

    And inter-site main number # failover, or scheduled call coverage means your offices are never out of reach. Site-to-site calling, chat, video, and collaboration enable you to maximize productivity of your geographically dispersed staff.

  • Multi-Party Conferencing & Collaboration

    Every MAXoffice user has access to a personal audio conference bridge with ad-hoc, scheduled, and recurring conferences. Multi-party chat and video conferencing, with screen sharing, enables your staff to collaborate with co-workers, partners, and customers.

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