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  • Communicate More

    Business success is often the result of efficient, timely, personal interactions between your staff and key contributors. MAXvoice is a hosted communications service and communications tool that enables your staff to communicate more with customers, prospective customers, partners, vendors, support resources, co-workers, and other collaborators. You don’t need just another cloud-based ‘phone system’. If you need to close sales quicker and keep your customers happy, you need to Communicate More.

    More Results With Your Current Staffing Level

    MAXvoice allows your staff to complete more tasks, be more timely, and accomplish more each day. Experience happier employees with improved tools and business results.

    • Enterprise class functionality
    • Mobility feature set
    • Telecommuter & multi-site support
    • Team chat & video
    • Easy to use, web-accessible services control

    MAXvoice increases efficiencies and customer satisfaction by expediting calls to the staff that is best-equipped to address a caller request – IMMEDIATELY and with the reporting managers love.

  • Communications Concierge

    A phone call, a box of phones drop-off, and video links does not equal the support your business needs. With every MAXvoice customer turn-up, Vantage’s Communications Concierge team engages you directly. Acting as your ‘voice specialist’, a dedicated Vantage Project Manager will guide the services design and implementation for your specific needs – followed by live (on-site) end-user training. A Premise Support Engineer will also be assigned to assist with any adjustments you require to apply VoIP network best practices to your LAN.

    Ongoing live support is available 24/7/365. Vantage's Communications Concierge service extends beyond your initial turn-up, providing personal ongoing support to quickly address your business’ needs.



  • Every MAXvoice standard user receives

    • Individual (DID) phone number
    • Unlimited domestic calling
    • Complete mobility suite
    • 2 call paths
    • Voicemail to e-mail
    • Business SMS
    • Complete suite of features & functions
    • Team chat & video
    • Web-accessible user interface for quick services administration
  • Your company receives

    • Main number or numbers
    • Automated attendant
    • Time of day call routing
    • Urgent message notification
    • Standardized, web-based services administration
    • Online ticketing and billing
    • Unlimited access to Vantage Communications Concierge Support
  • Optional services

    • Toll-free calling
    • IP fax
    • Audio conference bridge services
    • MAXcallcommand call center services
    • Impromptu: interactive website chat/audio/video
    • Adaptix: sales and marketing automation
    • Optix: marketing analytics

Supported Endpoints Include

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