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  • When it comes to communications services…Support out-performs system.

    At Vantage we believe that when a MAXvoice user contacts our Communications Concierge team in need of timely assistance, support should be more than providing a link to a video or pointing to an FAQ library.   We believe that personal interaction typically results in a quicker resolution to an issue, timelier activation/deactivation of a feature, or a more complete answer and explanation being provided.  As such, our Communications Concierge customer support team is available 24x7x365.  In the event assistance is required outside of business hours, callers to our support line simply tag their message as urgent.  “Urgent” as defined by the caller, not a predefined parameter set to limit after-hour support costs.  Urgent messages are then broadcast to our multi-tiered on-call rotation team, with a response to the caller within ten minutes.

    When every hosted telephone system in the market offers essentially the same functionality set, pre-implementation planning and ongoing support are the critical essentials for a successful deployment and a beneficial long-term user experience.  “Out-of-the-box” configurations cost you money – “plug & play” is not a long-term plan.  Proper application of available functionality to address your specific business goals, and the requirements of each individual user, is the key to delivering the value you should expect from a hosted communications toolset.

    Vantage delivers an interactive partnership with our customers, so that our users, and their businesses, consistently benefit from the use of MAXvoice.  Unlimited support is available to every user.

  • High-Touch Implementation

    • Dedicated Project Manager – Voice ‘specialist’
    • Discovery - communications operations goals; company-level, departments, individual users
    • Premise Support Engineer – LAN review and preparation, best practices to support VoIP
    • Live, remote and/or on-site implementation support
    • Live, remote and/or on-site training
    • No charge post-implementation adjustments
  • Ongoing Support

    • Unlimited support from the Communications Concierge Team
    • Dial 611 from your MAXvoice phone
    • “How do I…” is encouraged
    • 24 x 7 x 365 availability
    • After-hours – you decide what is ‘urgent’
    • U.S.-based support personnel
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