Prominent Central NJ Medical Practice Vastly Improves Patient Service, Streamlines Staffing and Improves Profitability with Vantage MAXvirtual call center

The Challenge

The Avenel Iselin Medical Group (AIMG) is a prominent medical practice located deep in the heart of NJ in a town called Iselin, about 20 miles south of New York City. Serving the community since 1956, AIMG prides itself on incorporating state of the art technology to support patient care in order to provide outstanding medical services and communication with their patients both inside and outside their practice environment. However, with a rapidly expanding customer base and a dramatic increase in incoming call volume, AIMG realized that its legacy phone system could no longer handle its burgeoning patient needs. For example, the current phone system provided no meaningful data regarding which patient was calling, which department they were calling, how long they were on hold or how efficiently staff performed in answering and handling those calls. AIMG was also receiving patient complaints of long hold times and occasional call hang-ups. Without the flexibility or depth of data to adequately manage interaction with its patient customers, AIMG feared it may be losing patients.

The Solution

Enter Vantage. After an evaluation of AIMG’s needs, we implemented our Vantage Virtual Contact Center Solution along with our Vantage MAXvoice Hosted Phone Service including call recording and IP Fax for AIMG’s 25 administrative agents. Because AIMG chose Vantage Virtual Contact Center, they were able to group employees in calling service queues like Billing, Appointments, Medical Records and Medical Referrals so that each employee’s expertise could be utilized. At the same time VVCC’s reporting capability provided real-time calling activity of queues and agents so that AIMG could insure that calls were being answered promptly.

“Our business is providing quality medical care and a big part of that is making sure that calls are answered quickly so our patients get the care they need and answers to their questions about billings and appointments. Vantage provides our employees the tools and visibility to respond immediately with a staff member equipped to answer with the right skill set.”

Jean Parente, CMM, Practice Administrator for Avenel Iselin Medical Group

The Results

After implementing the Vantage Virtual Contact Center Solution, AIMG can now precisely measure that patient calls are being answered faster, more consistently and with the right staff to process calls with single call resolution. Call backs are greatly reduced with increased patient satisfaction as the result. Additional benefits include:

  • Supervisors can now monitor all agents and call queues live and in real time, enabling them to respond to heavy calling patterns instantly.
  • VVCC has also helped to develop a continuous internal improvement culture at AIMG by consistently refining agent and queue statistics with training and in-house workflow and motivating agents to service more patients better.
  • The internal improvement effort has resulted in the ability for AIMG to add four new medical practitioners without adding additional administrative staff. Previously adding four practitioners would have required adding two administrative staff. Quite a productivity improvement!

The Avenel Iselin Medical Group continues to push the envelope by using technology to exceed its customer service expectations while improving its internal productivity. For more information about the Avenel Iselin Medical Group click here: