Now any size organization can easily deploy a powerful call center solution

Historically, only large enterprise organizations could afford to run contact centers to manage customer and sales support processes. However, the Vantage MAXvirtualcallcenter is a hosted solution that allows any-sized organization to deploy call center functionality and improve employee productivity with agents located either in the office, at home, or for that matter anywhere in the world. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses can now better serve their customers and prospects without the need for huge capital equipment investments. And the Vantage MAXvirtualcallcenter Solution works together with our Vantage MAXvoice to give you a powerful solution that comes with low fixed monthly costs and keeps your customers satisfied.

Experts in single or multi-site office location call distribution

Branch offices can now look like they are sitting right in headquarters as your employees in geographically disparate locations can take advantage of the same communications features and functions such as shared auto-attendant and shared receptionist for multiple locations. The browser-based Virtual Contact Center also automatically routes overflow calls to branch office locations and because it has a consolidated directory, 4-digit intercompany dialing and 4-digit call transfer between multiple office locations is FREE. Mobile workers can also be assigned to a branch or headquarters location with voicemails all on one shared common platform.

Multiple business need applications

But simply answering calls isn’t enough. Today customers want to reach you via email, IM, text, chat and fax. MAXvirtualcallcenter enables you to reach your customers using the communications channels they want.  It also can be easily integrated with Vantage CRM to provide an even better customer experience. Typical business need applications for Virtual Contact Center include:
Customer Service Tech Support Telesales Help Desk Remote Customer Service Agents Call Answering Continuity in the event of a Disaster
MAXvirtualcallcenter’s reporting is so comprehensive that it manages all agents, balancing inbound and outbound voice and data communications so that customers are not left waiting and your agents are optimally deployed. MAXvirtualcallcenter’s hosted delivery model requires no extensive investment in servers, software, maintenance, or specialized staff. MAXvirtualcallcenter is also browser based, priced monthly per seat, and typically costs 70% less than premise- based systems. Best of all, it’s already operational for thousands of users, insuring simple and rapid installation.
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