MAXvoice lets you reach out & touch your customers

  • Can customers reach you when they call or do they get too many busy signals?
  • Can your phone system efficiently move calls to all your multi–site locations?
  • Can you answer business calls if you are not in the office?
  • Can employees who work from home answer calls as if they were in the office?
  • Can your phone system easily expand capacity as call volume grows & customer service contact capabilities as business needs grow?
  • Vantage MAXvoice can!


With MAXvoice delivered on our evolutionary new Vantage Unified MAXcore Platform, you get the power to evolve your communications in concert with your business needs by adding more users, more functionality or seamlessly integrated CRM & Call Center applications. MAXvoice is the choice for businesses or non–profits looking for advanced communications power & productivity features at a cost that is far less than landline PBX phone systems.

Enterprise–class capabilities at a small business price — means MAXvoice delivers more value

MAXvoice is priced at $24.95 per user which includes the following standard features:

  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing) with call path
  • Voicemail box
  • Unified Messaging
  • SIM (Simultaneous) Ring
  • Remote Office
  • Unlimited nationwide calling

MAXvoice pricing offers customers more value because it includes as standard, features such as SIM Ring for which other providers would charge extra. Exact pricing is determined based upon your business needs. Contact us for a no–obligation evaluation and quote.

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Multi–site or home office locations

MAXvoice yields extraordinary value when used in multi–site or branch office environments, with inter–office call answering and transfer plus FREE 4 digit calling between locations even international locations. This capability also extends to support employees with home offices.

Delivery model with dedicated project & service teams

MAXvoice is implemented with an on–site Vantage Unified dedicated project manager and premise support engineer meaning that you don’t have to worry about installation. No matter the size or requirements, Vantage Unified will assist so that you are up and running smoothly.

Award–winning recognition from Frost & Sullivan

One of the world’s leading business & technology research companies has recognized Vantage MAXvoice as a best value in IP Telephony in 2011 and most recently for new product innovation in IP Telephony in 2014 for MAXcustomerconnect (which utilizes MAXvoice).

TMC Award

Frost & Sullivan Award