Communicate More
Cloud Communications Solutions Built For Business


  • Our reliable hosted voice service provides enterprise class communications functions and value, empowering every user to communicate in a style that makes each as productive as possible
  • Monthly savings as high as 50% as compared to traditional phone service, with minimal CAPEX

Mobility Package

  • Your workspace is no longer limited to your desk or office - make and receive calls anywhere… as if you were in the office
  • On the move throughout the day…inbound calls will find you. Outbound calls carry your company calling line ID


  • Efficiently communicate with remote co-workers, calling and moving calls as if you are all in the same location -- you’re on one system!
  • Centralized call answering, site-to-site call transfer & overflow, and immediate emergency closing coverage

Chat & Video

  • On a moment’s notice, from any internet device - chat or video conference with co-workers, at any location
  • Instant live one-on-one communications = quicker, efficient task progress & completion


  • Vantage’s Communications Concierge Team specializes in the operation and support of hosted communications services… delivered with a friendly, personal touch. .
  • Unlimited support is available around the clock. Whether you prefer a ‘self-service’ approach to managing your telephony services or a complete ‘hands-off’ approach, our Communications Concierge Team stands ready to exceed your support expectations.


  • Our hosted call center offering dynamically routes calls to an available staff member best-suited to immediately address caller needs
  • Detailed reporting delivers the information you need to fluidly adjust business operations to meet real-time customer demand

Real-Time Website Engagement

  • Visitors to your website are no longer limited to reading your web pages – they are instantly connected to your sales or customer support teams via call, chat or video
  • Turn your website into a virtual entrance to your company, immediately connecting potential customers with a live team member to personally address questions

Win with the powerful MAXcore one-platform strategy

  • Hosted Voice
  • Mobility
  • Multi-Site / WFH
  • Chat & Video
  • Support
  • Call Center
  • Website Interactions